"I Forgive You Now"

I forgive you.

I ask for forgiveness now.

I offer forgiveness now.

Forgiveness means to abandon the right for retribution.

Forgiveness opens the door of opportunity to make a new beginning.

Forgiveness creates the possibility of restoring a relationship.

Forgiveness requires a two-way confession and acceptance: I am sorry. I accept.

Actions are powerful, language is very powerful.

Language creates the reality it describes.  Wrongly using language against another person causes cruelty.  Cruel words corrupt self-image.  Kind words build self-image.  Which would you prefer?

Read: No Future Without Forgiveness by Nobel Peace Prize author Desmond Tutu.

Jewish law requires one to ask and extend forgiveness. It is done before the Jewish New Year; it can be done anytime.  Anyone can do this.  Now, would be a good time to start. 

Ask for forgiveness now: Who have you harmed; physically, emotionally, financially or socially, that you want to ask forgiveness.    Please forgive me now.

Offer forgiveness now: Who has harmed you; physically, emotionally, financially or socially that you want to reach out and extend forgiveness?  I forgive you now.

Forgiveness requires a confession: I am sorry I hurt you.

Forgiveness requires acceptance: I forgive you for hurting me.


I forgive you now.

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